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Top 10 pet food companies in the USA No.1 mars petcare inc

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Top 10 pet food companies in the USA No.1 mars petcare inc

Table of Contents

1#  Introduction to Mars Petcare

2# The Development History of Mars Company

3#  Industrial layout of Mars Petcare

4#  Ten brands of Mars Petcare

5#  Conclusion


1# Introduction to Mars Petcare

mars petcare inc

Annual revenue: $19.5 billion


Address: 2765 Lexington Way, San Bernardino, CA 92407

Phone+1 909-887-8131

Business type: manufacturer, brand owner

Product type: staple food, wet food, snacks

Brand name: Mars Pet Care

Market coverage: Products are sold in more than 80 countries

Global Wealth Ranking: Ranked 21st among the richest people in the world

National ranking: The third largest private company in the United States



2#  The Development History of Mars Company

Mars, Inc. is a family-owned company with a history of more than a century. It was founded in 1911 by Frank Mars (Forest Mars), a private family. As a global enterprise, Mars has annual sales of nearly US$35 billion and owns many world-renowned brands, including M&M's, SNICKERS, TWIX, MILKY WAY, DOVE, and PEDIGREE, ROYAL CANIN , WHISKAS, EXTRA , ORBIT, SKITTLES, UNCLE BEN'S, MARS DRINKS and COCOAVIA, etc.

In addition, Mars also provides veterinary health services, including BANFIELD Pet Hospitals, Blue Pearl, VCA and Pet Partners.

Mars, Inc. is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, USA, with operations in more than 80 countries around the world and a total of more than 100,000 employees worldwide. Among them, the sales volume of candy and chocolate products and pet products rank first in the world among similar products. One-third of the world’s pets eat Mars’ Pedigree dog food and Whiskas cat food every day.



3#  Industrial layout of Mars Petcare

Currently, Mars Petcare has become a diversified and growing business of Mars, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. It has a product portfolio of nearly 50 brands and meets the health and nutritional needs of nearly half of the world's pets. Mars Petcare is also the world's largest veterinary health care provider, with nearly 2,000 pet hospitals under its umbrella.

In addition, Mars also owns the WALTHAM Pet Nutrition Center, which is an authoritative scientific institution in the field of pet nutrition and health.



 In terms of the company's business, Mars will focus on strengthening two major areas:

First, the pet industry chain

The pet business mainly includes two parts, one is medical care and the other is food.

In terms of pet food, Mars continues to make acquisitions in order to expand its market share. In 2001, the company acquired Royal Pet Food of France for 1.5 billion euros, acquired NUTRO Natural Pet Food in 2007, and acquired nearly 80% of Procter&Gamble's pet food business under three brands in 2014. Through extensive acquisitions, Mars has achieved a leading position in the global pet food market share.

Currently, three of the top five pet food brands in the world are owned by Mars, including PEDIGREE, WHISKAS, ROYAL CANIN, and other well-known brands include NUTRO, GREENIES, SHEBA, CESAR, IAMS and EUKANUBA.

Overall, Mars Group's pet food portfolio is positioned towards the mid- to high-end. Among cat and dog food brands, the share of mid-to-high-end staple food products exceeds 80%. In addition to having a strong brand portfolio, Mars' distribution channels are extensive and multi-tiered. Among them, supermarkets/hypermarkets are the mainstay of its mid-range price Pedigree and Whiskas. Mars also has a strong presence in pet specialty retail channels, including pet stores, pet supermarkets and veterinary clinics. 

In terms of pet medical care, Marsacquisitions are quite frequent:

Acquired Banfield in 2007, Banfield owns 1020+ pet hospitals;

Acquired Bluepearl in October 2015, Bluepearl owns 61+ hospitals;

Acquired Pet Partner in 2016, which owns 86 hospitals;

In January 2017, it acquired VCA antech for US$9 billion, which owns 800+ hospitals (in the United States and Canada);

In June 2018, Mars signed an agreement to acquire AniCura, which has 200 animal hospitals (Northern Europe);

According to incomplete statistics, Mars already has 2,200 animal hospitals.

By aggressively acquiring leading companies in the pet healthcare industry, Mars Petcare has transformed from a pure pet food business to a provider of complete pet solutions.

The second is data technology and smart services

In the digital age, the business market is changing rapidly, and consumers’ shopping methods, consumption habits, and purchasing channels are all changing. Mars must seize opportunities and stay ahead of the market to stay ahead.


In 2016, Mars Petcare acquired the dog activity tracker Whistle and began to use big data and information to provide new solutions for the pet industry. Whistle, this device allows pet owners to set exercise goals for their pets and track exercise progress. In addition, the location sharing function is of course indispensable.

Mars can leverage its existing brands to increase Whistle sales while gaining access to vast troves of consumer data, and use the data generated by Whistle to reshape existing brands and develop new ones. This connected solution could help boost its pet business. The medical care market has established technical barriers and formed new competitive advantages, including tracking pet data to provide health care and monitoring services, and improving the accuracy of pet medical diagnosis and a series of services.

In March 2018, Mars Petcare announced a cooperation plan with pet care accelerator Leap Venture Studio and venture capital fund Digitalis Ventures to invest in high-tech entrepreneurial products such as pet digital medical care, diagnosis, and nutrition.

As a multinational giant, Mars has a very distinct character as a family business. It does not go public, does not announce its financial results, and operates in the world according to its own ideas.


5#  Ten brands of Mars Petcare

1. Royal Canin      Established in France in 1967.




2. Pedigree pet food   Founded in the UK in 1957.




3. Whiskas       Founded in the UK in 1958

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4. Whiskas       Founded in 1926

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5. Greenies,      Founded in the United States

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6.  Sheba wet cat food  

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7. Cesar dog food

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8. Iams pet food

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9. Eukanuba





10. Kitekat


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6#  Conclusion

This article shares the latest diversified information about Mars Pets. As the world's largest pet food supplier, Mars Pets' business strategy is worthy of learning and reference from all peers. Jianuojia Pet Company provides brand merchants with a complete set of

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